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The other name for the broken link is also dead link. Its nothing but a normal link but it doesn't work. Shortly, its malfunctioned - links that won't work. Now, You'll know when your link is broken if it shows the signs given below -

  • The content in the link has been removed

  • Change in URL

  • Without addition of redirect, the page is moved

  • Web page is outdated

  • No loner availability of the website

  • New domain added.

Have you ever noticed 404 page error whenever you click on a certain link? Well, the link provided is broken. 

As a website owner, you must be very careful about the broken links as the it is judged by the search engines as the quality of the website. Links outside your website that are gateway to your website and also he links inside your website matters a lot. This is because the search engine analyses it and ranks it accordingly on the search results. Its very important for a website owner to either not add, remove the broken link or update the broken links whenever required.

For search engines, the websites that have too many links that are broken clearly shows the signals of low quality. There are many benefits if you remove or clean up the broken links such as, you can make user experience easier and also make content easy. Along with this, it can also add context to your websites as well as the user experience enhances drastically.

However, its worth noting that there are many websites that has a lot of broken links in it. This explains a lot about what is broken link in SEO and what is dead link. 



Technically, using broken link finder by Organic SEO Tools to detect the broken links is possible in the matter of seconds. Now to understand the whole thing, let us revise it. 

Broken link - The link that take you to a page that shows 404 error message instead of showing you a page that was promised. Reasons for broken links - 

  • When the web page is deleted

  • When the website is unavailable

  • When firewall or other softwares block that page

  • permalink of the web page is modified or changed

Many website owners used to ignore these broken links but now the scenario has completely changed. Having broken links on your website now directly attacks the reputation of your website and gives unpleasant experience to your visitor. The phrase "link rot" makes a lot of sense since the website with several broken links is referred as one. 

To keep the credibility of your website and save the reputation of your website, using broken link checker online is something that you must not avoid.

Using our broken link finder will be very easy experience in order to locate and correct the broken links on your website. Also, it will be the quickest method to fix the problem. However, if you are thinking that you have to become a webmaster for it or maybe an expert in SEO, you are probably wrong. The interface is created user friendly and anyone can do it in just the matter of seconds. 

Organic SEO Tools is providing a tool to find you all the broken links for you website. to identify the problems in the websites becomes very easy with our free broken link finder online. Along with this, you can just search for a broken link and correct it immediately on your website to maintain the quality and the reputation of your website.



If you have newly launched a website, then there's no problem in correcting the issues without any tools. At least most of them doesn't need them. But, as the website grows, you have to add pages to it which eventually creates hyperlinks. Keeping an eye on everything becomes difficult. This is why, Broken link finder s the tool which come in a play. 

Steps to use this platform is extremely easy. Just insert the URL in the space that's provided.  Click on the check button and you'll get the result in seconds. That's it!

Anybody can use this application as there are no skills required for it. Again, there are no limit for searches so its very useful for webmasters, website owners, and also SEO professionals. No registration required and its absolutely free of cost.



A short summary for everything we have discussed till now - Broken links are disastrous. Yet, there are many webmaster that still thinks that it doesn't matter but that's not the case. For your visitors, you become someone who isn't trustworthy. Additionally, you indirectly gives the signals that you are outdated. This becomes very serious issue because it affects your rankings.

Two options are available to fix broken links - 

  • Replace the links with the one that works

  • Remove the link

Whenever website changes and the content is moves, this basically happens a lot, results to broken links. You don't have control over it but you need to keep a constant eye on this. Remember, maintenance is all in your hand and you've got tools to fix the broken links.



Internal link - In an internal link, you link one page to another within your website. Internal links link to your readers to a target page.

Example - navigation of own website.

External link - A link that directs customers away from your website is called external link. External links are important for search engine optimization because they lead to other websites.

Example - links to,, etc.



A server request to browser's request is often called as HTTP status codes. In simple terms - whenever there's a certain website you want to visit, you request your browser. Your browser then request to the website's server and then it responds to it. All this takes place with three-digit code - the HTTP status code. 

In more simple terms - Its just a conversation between the your browser and the website's server. There is a communication between the two in which they express whether things are going well, touch-and-go, or when something goes wrong. If you understand the status codes and know how to use them, you will be able to diagnose errors on your site more quickly, reducing site downtime. A 301 redirect, for instance, lets search engines know that a page on your site has relocated permanently; such a redirect ensures that bots and people can access the site.

Status codes in this range are sometimes expressed as 1xx or 5xx to indicate the first digits of that three-digit code. There are different classes of server responses in each of those ranges.



Your visitors expect certain content to be available on your site when they follow links to or from it. In addition to affecting user experience, broken links can also negatively impact your site's ranking in Google. Make sure that you avoid linking out to broken content and having broken pages on your site as well.

Whenever you are adding an external link, these are called outbound links. Its really tricky when it comes to limit or remove the external links because first of all you have no control over it. 

When the external links that you've added are broken, it hurts your SEO. Make sure that you regularly give a check to all your outbound links a=becuase Google's web crawler go through every link and collect data of your page.