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In the online industry, how well you “do” can rapidly be deduced by how generously you “know.”

Because what you feel is what you will assign. And it is from what you relate that your outcomes will arise.

Remembering even the most irrelevant information can settle you one step forward from the competitor.

Convinced, that implicates significant proficiency like understanding how to best win buyers for your business. But it also involves elementary circumstances like the age of your URL.

And that’s why we developed this free, premium basic Site Age Checker tool.

Domain age

In easy terms, “Domain Age” refers to the time during which a domain name has been contained. It is how aged a domain name is.

 If a domain name was reported in 2010, its existence would be 10 years by 2020.

And what’s a domain name? It is the URL of a web page, almost like That is the address with which Internet stoners can visa your website.

Use of Site Age Checker By Gethst

Site Age Checker Analyzer is so easy to notice and think you have recreation!

You can test a single domain name or operate a quantity domain age.

Here’s how:

Step #1: you’ll first need to be on this web page, where you are presently

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enter your domain name(s) with HTTP:// in the provided space.

Step #3:

Click on “Submit” to operate the request.

Check Domain Name Age


  • The age of an already living domain name you want to purchase
  • Age of your opponents’ domain names
  • Or even the age of your domain

Of course, the fundamental purpose for checking domain age is to understand WHEN the domain was enrolled and HOW OLD it is

Now, opportunities are that you already know when you expressed your fixed domain name. So if you were to fix it up, that’s not the best way to stimulate time and won’t do you much good (except you’ve forgotten when you registered your domain name).

so we have other two options:

  • Scanning the Site age of a name you prefer to purchase
  • Assessing the age of striving domains

The age of your companions’ domain name does just approximately one thing for you: you now understand just how long their domain names have occurred, which provides you with an idea of what you’re vying with.

Meanwhile, checking the age of a domain name you are starting to buy gives you an idea of what you are about to bring into.

For these starting purposes, below are the intentions why recognizing  SEO Domain  age  matters:

  • You get to have a suggestion of the size of the backlink outline of the domain name. There is an elevated opportunity for a mature domain name to have multiple connection profiles. Why? Because it has prevailed for a long while and may have accumulated some links over space. The holder might have put in some action to build some aspect backlinks, and search engines take into relation the quantity and quality of backlinks in rating websites. The SEO work performed in the past by the earlier owner to develop a good link profile can be an enormous plus for coming holders.
  • You get to have an intention of how well the domain does in examination engine rankings said just above. Chances are that a long-existing domain name (with a quality backlink profile) will do relatively well in search. Most SEOs think that domain age is one of Google’s ranking characteristics. A domain with a good search engine ranking keeps you a lot of SEO, money, and accomplishment. And testing its age provides you with a suggestion of how well the name might perform in search.
  • You bring an inkling of how vastly traffic to expected long-existing and the established domain will be getting a fair amount of traffic. Although other factors determine the amount of other regular content, a domain name that has occurred for a while will still “naturally” perform than different ones in terms of organic or direct traffic through the Site age checker.
  • You get to have a reputation using the name’s reputation. Buying a completely new domain name means starting from scratch to build a good reputation. But domain names sometimes hold an already established positive market segment.
  •  After checking the age of a domain name and finding that it has existed for a long, you can then make efforts to find out if the domain name has some negativism attached to it and for how long. It gives you an idea of how long it has existed so you can carry out an underground investigation before buying

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All the domain data our tool gives can help you in giving rise to the best determination on purchasing a depleted domain name.

Still, you should not almost be sure of this conclude conclusion. You analyze the domain and a collection of tools for that.