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Keywords are nothing but the one word idea about the content. Its also known as 'Search queries' when the users type something on the search bar. The main focus is on the phrases and the words that are typed. Try to filter out everything in your content right from the videos, images, texts, infographs, etc. After you filter these things in small phrases and words, you'll know what your primary keywords are.


As a content creator and a website owner, you need to pay attention to all the keywords because it works like a bridge between the words they search and our content. It helps them to search your content in the results. To gain organic traffic, its very important to choose right keywords to get your target audience. Now, content creators search for relevant and effective keywords just like the visitors search for the content. So, to drive the traffic organically to your site, you also need to focus on what exactly people need. By adding comment sections, Asking your customers, having community groups, taking surveys will really help you to find what exactly is needed. There is a keyword suggestion tool by Organic SEO Tools that will really help you in search for effective keywords. 



When we learn about keywords, we often come across long tail and short tail keywords. So, what are long tail keywords and exactly what are short tail keywords in SEO? To answer these questions, you need to understand that the competition in long tail keywords is low and the competition for short tail keywords is very high.


Okay, Now what is exactly long tail keywords? Well, Long tail keywords can also be described as queries that are directly searched on the search bar. The competition is low in this type because the number of searches per month are low for this type. Despite of this, the conversation rate of these keywords are very high and they are extremely specific but they are long. 

Keywords that are far-reaching and broad are often known as 'head keywords' whereas the one that are long and a combination of several terms are known as 'long-tail keywords.'


As compared to singular keyword content, long-tail keywords are more definite and clear. For example - "best ice-cream shops in my (enter your city name) city", "Affordable Japanese knives", etc. This type of keyword help your content to rank and they directly hit the target. Due to less competition in this type, the chances of visitors visiting your page is very high.



Not more than three words are in Short-tail keywords. The competition is very high and a large number of topics are covered in these keywords.

Example, "kitchen knife" - let us consider this keyword as short-tail keyword and "Best kitchen knives you must have" - long-tail keyword.


Consider these two slides. Kitchen knives serves as short-tail keyword while kitchen serves as a head keyword.

But when you search for the long-tailed keywords, the results are very accurate. In short-tailed keyword search, a large number of content is showcased with various topics. 

You can also call short-tail keywords as 'Seed.' It also has few alternate words such as - 

  • Broad keywords

  • Seed keywords

  • Head terms

  • Focus keywords

Just because they are very broad, the search volume for this type of keywords is extremely high. These keywords are very valuable for your business plus the rankings with these keywords can be considered as highly competitive. 



Keyword suggestion tool by Organic SEO Tools is very helpful in ranking your web page at top on SERPs. Also, its absolutely free. It gives you unlimited option for keywords but Usually, when you use this platform you'll notice that top 10 keywords are displayed. You can totally depend up on the results as the results obtained are the best researched keywords. 


The suggestions given are very effective and drive organic traffic to your web page. You simply need to insert the seed keyword in the blank section and click on submit. That's it! The results are showcased in matter of seconds.


To expand your reach and grow organic traffic to your website, you can use this tool and get unique, actionable, effective, reliable, and extensive keywords for free. Many content writer, website owners, SEO professionals, webmasters, and also bloggers need such tools. We recommend to use Keyword suggestion tool by Organic SEO Tools so that you can get access to useful keywords for free. To lead your website to success and as long as you continue to take your journey into the digital world, consider this tool as a boon. It will surely help you with good keywords as millions of keywords are filtered and out of those only 10 effective and actionable are showcased.



Just remove the concept that keyword is all about SEO. Because, its not. Everything is all about online marketing. Its more than just search engine optimization. For all the digital marketing stuff, consider keywords as its main pillars. It generally directs you and whatever you do online on the internet. 


Also, for digital marketing several steps are carried out such as - email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, paid marketing, etc. And guess the main factor in all these practices - Yes, its always keywords.

Everything that you search on YouTube, Google, and even Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and other platforms use keywords to rank and to become popular or go viral.


Now, you might be wondering, why is it even important? What if i don't add keywords? Or do you even think that you've been adding keywords without knowing what will happen if you won't add them? If you are using keywords then of course you now that your page won't rank but have you even wondered what happens other than that?


Well, we've got you covered. Now, imagine the internet shows up the content without using any keywords. What will happen? Google will start showing any random pages to you. There are million or probably billions of website and web pages. So, how is it possible that you'll get the right one to read and how will you even know that the content you've received makes sense or not?


Searching anything on the internet without keywords is like search for a pin in grass. So, now you might have got an idea why keywords are necessary. It basically organizes the entire content on the internet. With the help of it, visitors know what is your organization known for, also its easy for internet to provide good content out in the market, and also it determines the places from where you are getting traffic.


Generating right keyword is extremely important for sales, traffic, and also for generating the revenue you wish for. 

Keyword research best practice:

The best practices are given as - 

  • Now what your niche is

  • Make a rough work for your topic ideas and fill the quality content 

  • Get seed keywords using Keyword suggestion tool by Organic SEO Tools

  • Also, find for long-tailed keywords

  • Keep up with the trends and also follow the keywords

  • In content titles, use keywords

  • Search for your competitors keywords for ranking

  • Choose right keywords

  • Examine all the search intent for all your searched keywords



Keyword suggestion tools are commonly used on the internet. Its an instrument that does keyword research with the help of Google Autocomplete and generates related long-tail and short-tail keywords in large number. You can search keywords for any topic you want. Google search usually uses Google autocomplete that fasten the process of searching by the users on the Google.



Conversions increase with organic traffic when you choose the right keywords to create content for your niche websites. The niche keyword finder helps you identify the relevant keywords in just a moment. This free keyword research tool helps SEO. In fact, the marketing trend insight is better understood using the best keyword research tool to identify the strategies of the competitive websites in the niche. That is why you can see the long-tail keywords get more and more popular in some niches sometimes. The niche keywords finder results must be noted, and the keywords shall be used in the right spots.