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If you want to measure the authority of the domain or the web page, then Moz Rank is one of the most dependable and popular metrics that you need to check. To calculate the rating of your website or a web page by search engine optimization, Moz created a metric - MozRank. Its also a tools that's created by SEOMoz. 


Higher the MozRank, higher are the chances for your page to rank. Having inbound links is very important because the more you have it, higher will be your MozRank for your page. The main focus of the MozRank is measure the website's ability to compile links from many popular pages. The classification system for your website is done more quickly. 


The score for MozRank is calculated from the scale of 1 to 10. Of course to get the higher moz ranking, it really requires a lot of efforts and work. Also to get the higher score, linking many popular links to your web page is also preferred. 



For every newly launched website, gaining traffic and getting recognized on the web requires some time. Now, the fastest way to get recognized is your quality. Make sure you keep on adding more and more web page that's filled with valuable and important information. With this, the search engines will find you website more quickly and consider it as a credible source of information. 


Of course, checking the Moz Rank in the initial days of your website isn't worth it. Check the Moz Rank when you've started gaining some traffic on your website. Moz rank checker by Organic SEO tools is one of the best tools out there to check your moz rank. Once you've gained traffic, you can surely become dependable on this application. Its worth noting that this application is absolutely free to use. Whenever you use this application, in the reports, you'll see your website URL, the MozRank score, and also domain authority.



Check your Moz Rank from our Moz rank checker. This is brought to you by Organic SEO Tools. The step to check your Moz rank is extremely simple. All you need to do is to fill the blank space given with domain. You can also insert multiple domains but make sure you insert them up to the limit. Finally, click on the check button. Within few seconds, the application will showcase the results.


Now, whatever the score you've got; its necessary to understand on which factor does the moz score depend on. So, the main factor is the number of quality links that you've attached on your website that creates traffic. To rank on the top on the web, its highly recommended to have higher Moz Rank. You can score anywhere in between 1 to 10 so try to focus on adding more quality.


The small idea of the popularity and the authority of your website is given by this MozRank checker. Also, the links you've attached will be checked thoroughly. Make sure that the links that you've added have more credibility as it helps in your Moz Rank way too much. 



Moz page authority gives an idea about the web page you've created. Its developed by Moz and it predicts that how your page will rank on search engine optimization pages. The scores for the page authority is in between 1 to 100. Higher the score, higher are your chances for your page to rank. 


Its worthy to note that there are dozens of factors that affects the page authority. Additionally, it is also depended upon all the data from web index. In Domain authority checks, machine learning is used. It tries to detect the algorithm of the SERPs and correlates the ranking across it. After this, the calculations gained from this helped in scoring Page authority.



Moz developed Domain Authority (DA) as a ranking algorithm that determines the likelihood of a website ranking well in search engine results pages (SERPs). The Domain Authority ranges from one to 100; higher scores indicate a higher probability of ranking. A number of factors are taken into account when calculating Domain Authority based on data collected from our Link Explorer web index. As a result of a machine learning model, our Domain Authority calculations use a predictive algorithm to find the algorithm that correlates most closely to search results across thousands.


In simple terms, Domain Authority checks the quality of the website by giving scores to it. Moz is very dependable because the SEO solutions are reliable. Its owrthy to note that it just predicts and not the direct score from Google ranking factor. 


Plus, sometimes, you'll also see that the score for domain authority is pretty well but it didn't performed well in organic growth. The reason is - DA and Google are very different. Also, Google and Moz denied these claims. But, to be clear and to create top-notch content on web page, considering Moz rank is considered. With the high score, the chances to rank on SERPs are higher.



When you score low in Page authority, there are multiple ways that will help you to increase the score. 

Firstly, you'll need to check the basics and clear them first

  • Make sure your site is well organized. It should load fast, onpage content, and build a mobile-friendly site. 

  • You can neglect your internal links. But, take care that the links you've attached are relatable to the content you are sharing.

  • Make your website mobile-friendly. 

  • Make sure that the website loads faster.


Add high-quality back-links

High quality backlinks are kings in creating a quality websites or a web page. The score of domain authority automatically increases. Along with this, you also need to focus on - 

  • Good quality content

  • Implementation of link building strategy

  • Promotion of your content

  • Add guest blogs as well


Try to limit low quality backlinks

Now to increase your domain authority score, limiting low quality links should take place. Also, there's a major question that arise is -what is high quality links.

Reputed websites has these high quality links. Also, the low quality links comes from the spammy websites, and unknown websites.



Authority and website domain are two major metrics that are easy to measure with the Moz ranking tool. One can’t imagine SEO without knowing What is Moz Rank? So, multiple tools are reputed and versatile, recommended and invented by the company Moz. Naturally, if the rank in Moz is higher, then the position of the pages that link to Moz would also be higher.


That is why webmasters are keen to achieve the higher Moz ranks. Join legal link exchange schemes and avoid the fake black hat link-building techniques while using the Moz analyses to validate your links. Use the free Moz ranking tool here. Get to know what is good Moz rank.