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The loading time of your web pages determines the reader's interest in going through the information you provide them. No matter how good it is, there is alternative content on the web too. So, if you're loading speeds, limit readers, and then fix it immediately. How will you know that? Simple - using the Google page speed Insights API. You get to see the speed data. You should set it and make your web pages faster and more accessible for your valuable readers. That gets you better traffic, participation from the loyal fans base, and hence higher SERPS.

What suboptimal attributes of your web pages that retard the quickness of your web pages to load on demand? If the Page speed test tool tells you clearly about that metric, then you get a chance to fix it at once. Try the best Pagespeed Insights Checker here, below.

So that you can compare the stats of your page performances in both the computers and in the other hand-held gadgets that are extensively in use today. Make sure your pages have the ideal loading time per the Google benchmark. First, measure the loading time of your web pages now using the best Page speed Insights API for free.