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About QR Code Generator


QR code - Quick Response code. It has the capability of storing a lot of data in it. Just by scanning the QR code, one can get access to a ot of information immediately. Now, QR code was invented by a Japanese company - Denso Wave in 1997. It's a machine readb;e optical barcode like label that stores a lots of information in it. These are scanned by digital devices and they are in the form - series of pixels in a square-shaped grid. 


Also, you might have seen these QR code on any product, textbooks or any other item. Basically, it contains information about that product in it. QR code is case sensitive and used to track the information. In many advertising and marketing campaigns these codes are often used because the smartphones now contain an in-built QR code scanner in it. Also, you can generate your own QR code by qr code generator free. 


Although the Japanese company initially invented this code to track vehicles accurately. To track the parts during the manufacturing process was also their main target. However, to encode this, there are four modes - Alphanumeric, Kanji, byte/binary, and numeric. Extensions to these are also used to store the data easily. 



If you are planning to generate a QR code that stores as much data as possible but are unable to do it for free, then you are at a right place. QR code generator by organic SEO tools gives you the platform where you can easily generate QR for free. 

This QR code generator gives you multiple options to store your information in your own ways. 

Fun fact - 

  • Any digital device can read the standard barcodes in just one direction - Top to bottom. 

  • Digital devices reads QR code in two directions - right to left and top tp bottom



This section will clear all your questions regarding how to make own QR code. Follow the following steps to generate your own QR code.

  • Search for QR code generator by organic SEO tools. Note - Organic SEO tools provides you all the services for free.

  • You'll land in the page like the one given below.

  • After you lad on the page above, type the information in Enter to encode section.

For example - 

  • The image size and Error correction levels are automatically set. But, you can change them according your needs.

  • As soon as you type your information in Enter to Encode section, the platform automatically generates the QR code. 

  • You can view the QR code in the bottom of the text.

  • You'll ve asked to save, try new one, or print the QR code by the platform.

Example given below - 

This is how you can generate your own QR code without adding extra efforts. The platform provides its services for free of cost you can go for it anytime. Shortly, its the best QR code generator for anyone who wants to create one.



Have you ever wondered, how does the QR code work? Well, we've got you covered. To reveal the codes data, the patterns within the QR codes represents the binary codes. These binary codes help in interpreting the data to get revealed. 


When you scan  QR code through a QR code scanner, It detects it by three large squares. Basically, the standard QR code is based on these squares outside the QR code. Now, for a scanner, its very important to detect that its a QR code. So, to detect it, the scanner has to identify these three shapes. After it recognize it, it detects that the matter inside the square is nothing but a QR code. 


By breaking an entire code into a grid, the QR scanner then anaylzes the QR code. By determining whether the grid square is black or white, it assigns a value to each one. A larger pattern is then created by grouping grid squares together. 



The main purpose of the QR codes - Provide information more accurately. Its made quick and simple which makes it more dependable in current market. With the help of these, mobile marketing became very easy. Your digital content reach can increase, helps in marketing campaigns, convert audience from offline to online mode in large number, and also increase the engagement of your users.  


Currently, every supply chain market work on QR Code to track their items. Along with this, to built trust and transparency, many companies attach QR codes on their Products to give more information about the product and the company. 



By having QR codes, you get the flexibility to add as much information you want. It also has a major hand in marketing campaigns as well. Many times, in order to give more information, the companies has to compromise a lot with their designs. With QR codes things became easy and companies do not have to worry about overloading their audience in the texts on the product packages, designs of packages, disrupting brand identity, adjust the logo, overprinting the texts, etc.


Advantages of QR codes can also described as - 

  • Increasing brand transparency

  • To measure metrics

  • Object hyperlinking

  • You can showcase your work instead of telling

  • Share information

  • Giving your audience hints about your brand, content, etc.

  • Save a lot of resources 

  • Guide you around the city as well

  • One scan and you are connected to Wi-Fi

  • Optimize your plan of event management



Qr codes are used in many things. Even in this article its mentioned that they are used in products, books, etc. Still here are some of the QR code example that will give you a simple idea about how impactful QR codes are. Along with this, it also showcases that how this can be a future.

  • QR codes used in education - Many books have QR codes printed on it. With that, the user can access the textbook digitally. Also, video lectures are added in it.

  • Industry QR codes - To keep tracks on supplies and products, QR codes are widely used in industries.

  • OR codes in product packaging - People now ask for transparency and opt for organic products. Companies cannot add every detail in their packages because of many reasons. So, QR code is also given at the package so that people can get desired information about the product through it.

  • Corona Virus tracing by QR codes - This is known to everyone. You can get any information about Corona virus and also get fresh updates.

  • Sales and marketing - QR codes - QR codes are attached on the products. Also, there are many other ways through which one can use these to boost their sales.