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URL manipulation, also called URL rewriting, is the technique of distorting (often automatically by compromises of a program written for that purpose) the parameters in a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). URL manipulation can be assigned as a convenience by a Web server executive, or for popular objectives by a hacker.



Turn your long dynamic URLs into static ones wielding this URL Rewriting Tool by Organic SEO Tools

This free URL Rewriting Tool will enable you covert your lengthy dynamic URL into a shorter and static one. This technique is commonly utilized by website owners, webmasters and SEO experts because static URLs are best than dynamic ones because they are understandable to keep for end-users and easier to bookmark when needed. Also, static URLs can enable in optimization for search engine bloom ranking purposes.


Creating a website and bringing in it keen for search engine optimization puts up with a plenty of interval and achievement. Actually the very small items particularly as the type of URLs is important for a website because it can have an enormous impact on your website traffic as well as page rankings.


If you are yet utilizing long and dynamic URLs that are not web guest and SEO-friendly, presently is the time to enhance your URLs by transforming them to static URLs with the assistance of this URL rewriting tool.



This free online URL Rewriting Tool by Organic SEO Tools is a supersonic tool that instantly generates static URLs with even a single click. Just copy the URL and paste into the box and submit. Our URL rewriter tool will immediately generate the outcome and give you with a shorter and static URL.


We have improved this URL rewriting tool so that you can utilize to check and rewrite your website’s URLs. Remember in mind that static URL is always adequate than a dynamic URL because static URLs can index better in search engines like Google. While, dynamic links are ranked at a passiver rate by search engines than static links.


This URL rewriting tool is particularly simple to utilize and can deliver you with immediate results. There is no requirement to download the software on your PC because this is an online tool that you can employ anytime you like; this means you bring to preserve memory space. Also, you don’t require to pay any amount to operate this URL rewrite generator because this tool is totally free of charge.


There are three good purposes why you need to rewrite URLs. First, it improves with search engine optimization, because search engines yearn URLs that don’t contain long query strings. Second, if you have generous static URLs, you have a greater chance that your pages will have good ranking in search engines and would enable excite more traffic as they glance more user-friendly to several web visitors. And third, it brings your web pages load faster as opposed to having dynamic URLs. Thus, it has a further easy interface.



  • Static URLs are much simpler to know and user-friendly.
  • Static URLs are simpler to bookmark or record as referred to dynamic URLs
  • Static URLs can assist in getting a good page ranking in several search engines

For this, you will require to create a file called “.htaccess” and assign the code produced into it. Once you have made the .htacess file, also copy it into your website’s index.URL rewriting of this way will only operate if you are hosted on Apache Server.


If you have a healthy and simple URLs (static URLs), key search engines can determine folder names and will be proficient to bring about real links to keywords. Because when regardless using query row constraints, it may prevent in search engine’s deal to execute ranking on your web pages. Most SEO specialists explain that dynamic URLs are not defending to search engine spiders, whereas static URLs are further attractive to these crawlers which is beneficial in bringing a good page rank score.



To bend your long dynamic URL into a quicker one with this URL Rewriting tool, all you have to achieve is to enter the URL in the area gave and then click on the “Check” button. Our technique will filter your request and produce the shorter and static URL.


For several website owners and webmasters, employing SEO tools such as this URL Rewriting tool is extremely significant because it can vastly assist in expanding and reaching out to a broader range of audiences worldwide. This URL rewriting tool can bring about your website available for a further exceptional online perception so that your prey audience from across the world can recognize and tour your website.


If you subsist an e-commerce website owner, it will be liable that more people will be eligible to locate your web pages on search engines which could bring to achieving more traffic and potentially conversions.


Our rewriting tool is expanded employing the Apache’s mod rewrite module to turn a dynamic URL into the search engine and user-friendly static URLs. Just copy-paste your dynamic URL in the box, and our tool will transform it into a static one in only a few seconds.



You might get at some static websites on the internet. A website that is giving data without any warnings; it is inclined a static website. These are formal in small businesses and corporations; they almost like to exhibit their existence on the internet. They don’t need anyone snatching their business name, and they don’t do any business on the web.

Static websites are usually straightforward to mass and cheap to develop. But, you must have someone with HTML understanding to edit it.



Two techniques are included in this redirection. The first is HttpServletResponse.encodeRedirectURL(), which puts up with a String that affects a redirection URL and encodes it for usage in the second method. The second technique used is the HttpServletRequest



URL rewriting is universal in email safety. The underlying functionality might be various from vendor to vendor, but the intention is the same: When users interact with URLs inside their inbox, URL rewriting affords the capacity to exercise whether or not the goals of the URLs are safe.24-Sept-2020.



When you want to make things simple to make them easy to remember for a wide audience, then the best option is to remove any redundant portions of your textual content. That includes the URL. Users understand the static URLs better than the dynamic URLs. Also, bookmarking static URLs is easier too. So, the best URL Rewriting Tool becomes vital for all webmasters willing to cover the major share of the target audience.


Also, from the search engine considerations, the static URLs rank quicker than dynamic URLs. URL Rewrite generator helps webmasters to do effective SEO in that way. Bookmarking, ranking, and indexing of static URLs are far better than the dynamic urls for anyone to use the URL Rewriting Tool free and make things simple. It works.