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For every website owner or anyone who is involved in website designing and SEO, Website reviewer is very important tool for you. Basically, it gives you a quick review about the SEO audits and website reviews as well. By using this website reviewer by Organic SEO Tools, you can detect the changed that you should do for making your website more engaging. 


Again, this feature by Organic SEO Tools is absolutely free of cost. Also, the user-friendly interface of this website makes it way more easier than others.


Its also noteworthy that this application also lets you know whether the website can be operated on mobile phones or not. This because believe it or not but most of the web searching is done through mobile devices. By checking this, your website gets optimized for mobile phones as well and these days its necessary.


You are supposed to loose a large number of potential organic traffic is your website isn't optimized for mobile phones. This application will help you to copy the optimization for many social media platforms and increase the site's popularity.


One of the most important feature also includes that it also helps you to fix the issues relating to SEO. It points the improper keyword usage and non-compliance with HTML standards. Good part is that you can fix these issues before you launch your website and correct the mistakes beforehand. 



All the features about the website reviewer are discussed below -

SEO score - This tool is often called as website SEO score checker. Its analyzes your website and displays the SEO score of your website on your screen once you enter the URL.

SEO grading and certification - It not only checks the SEO score but also work as website grader. It works on few principles - SEO, Security, performance, and mobile readiness. Now, this feature will help you gain trust of your audience because it provides you SEO grading certificates which you can showcase on your website. 

SEO test - In just one click, you'll get to know which tests your website has passed and also point out all the errors, and warnings. 

General SEO evaluation - You just consider this tool as a complete package that your website needs. In just one click all the general SEO metrics and the information relating to it is showcased to you. Given below are the SEO elements that this website checks and showcase the results to you.

  • Meta Description

  • Meta Keywords

  • Broken Links Test

  • Underscores in Links Test

  • Page Title

  • Image Alt Test

  • Inline CSS Test

  • HTML Page Size Test

  • HTML Compression/GZIP Test

  • <h1> Heading Status

  • <h2> Heading Status

  • SEO Friendly URL Test

  • Google Search Results Preview

  • Favicon Test

  • Keywords Density Test

  • Keywords Test

  • Noindex Tag Checking

  • Nofollow Tag Checking

  • Robots.txt Test

  • Sitemap Test

  • Domain Authority Checking

  • Page Authority Checking

  • Domain Authority Checking

  • Page Authority Checking

  • Deprecated HTML Tag Checking

  • WWW Redirection Test


Keywords analysis - a complete analysis of the keywords that are used in the website are showcased. Analysis is showcased along with the statistics from 1-word keyword to 4-word keywords.

Social stats - All the connection of social signals can be seen through this tools and also how many times your post have been shred is also showcased. 

Screenshots - To improve the website, desktop and mobile screenshots are shown to you to improve its design to make them rank better.

Server and security test - When is comes to security, Google is very serious about it. So this tool provided by Organic SEO Tools gives you security checks and also checks your website in many factors. These include - 

  • Safe browsing test

  • Plaintext Emails Test

  • HTTPs Text

  • Directory Browsing Test

Advanced SEO - WE know that you are already impressed by the features this tool provides. But, Wait for it. There's more. The reports of advanced SEO are also shown to you through this tool and the amazing part is that you can 100% depend on it. Also the reports like page size, page load time, etc. are included in it.




That's it! This is the only process and within seconds you'll the results. All the SEO elements will be showcased on the screen. And most importantly, the How many elements it passed, how many needs to be improves, and errors are shown in green, yellow and red respectively. Also, the percentage is showcased on its side.



Full form of SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Whenever people search for something on the internet on any web browser, there are some site that shows up. Now, these sites shows up on their search requests because of their SEO optimization. It basically improves the visibility of your website. The easiest and the short-cut like trick to gain attention and get organic traffic to your website is to master SEO. Greater the visibility of your website, greater is the organic traffic to your web pages. Eventually, your business grows.


If you are a website owner, you have used SEO tools a lot or maybe let us consider that you are a newbie so you've just heard about it and never used it. So, we now know that we need to master it but before that let us know how Google website analysis works. 


When it comes to search browsers, Google is the most popular one out there. Google continuously analyses the website and ranks it accordingly. The website crawlers examines your entire content and web page, website and checks whether the information shared is relevant or not. Later on, it saves all the data in databases and eventually ranks it accordingly.



To collect all the information from all the web pages by going from site to site, Search engines have to use bots to crawl the web pages and index them accordingly. Its just like organizing it properly so that whenever the user searches for something, these search engine can quickly show up all the web pages that it have ranked.


Again the order of the web pages is also important. For this, algorithms are used to analyze all the pages and all the ranking factors are checked to display a web page at the top of the user's searches. Also, consider user experience as the major factor. Do not avoid this section because if you do, you'll never rank. 


Make sure you give quality content so that whenever these bots visits your web page, the results of examination should be that your web pages is fulfilling the needs of the users. Again, if you think you can pay for it, you are wrong. You can pay search engines to advertise your web pages but not for ranking your page.


You definitely have to go old school and gain organic traffic to your website. Put all your knowledge of SEO in it or hire SEO experts. Well, we are here to work for you and your problem. This is where you need someone who understands your needs and guide you completely to improve and fix the problems your website is facing.